Advice on forgetting my ex.. help?

So my ex and I were living together and basically he wanted to kick me out. Well, instead of kicking me out like a normal peraon he thought it eould be a way better idea to cheat on me in order to get me out of the house that I paid for. (He used me to get the apartment) Anyways Im back in a safe inviornment at home, since I learned from his grandma that he was on psychotic pills! Anyways, how do I stop thinking about what he did to me and how he hurt me? Im completely over him but also completely hurt.. how can I just forget? Im even dreaming about it and I really wanna suck every memory out of my head. What do I do?


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  • The two bigs things are:

    1) Find other things to keep you busy like hobbies, work, etc.
    2) Time, just be patient and the pain will diminish over time.

  • Forget him. and move on


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