I keep going back to her?

its been just about a year since me and my ex has been apart and every time I go back to her only to have my heart hurt. We "took a break in" in her words cause of reasons that belonged to her and some of them I knew about but others not so much. Anyways I've been moving on and meeting great girls but instead of taking that next step and dating them I hold back and think about my ex. I then go back and talk to her sometimes and flirt and she flirts with me to but then remember that she has a boyfriend and my heart feels like it just dies a little and my breath literally shortens. (this only happens with her) Eventually the pain in my heart stops and my breath comes back and I act as if I don't remember anything. The only person I do talk about how I feel sometimes is my Best friend since 1st grade and she just tells me that sooner or later that she will regret the whole break up and wanna come back or that she will feel sorry for leaving such a great guy. I feel a lil bit better that she tells me that but still I wanna date other girls before trying to get back with my ex but every time I try I end up thinking about her and hurting myself in the end. can anyone hep me out or is there any ideas on what I should do?


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  • I know how you feel. I too went through that. Same things.

    I think the best thing is to just force yourself to go out and date.

    Get the girl out of your system. There is nothing better than a total break from her.

    Also please try to NOT contact her for awhile. That helps. When you find the right girl you will be happy you did all the hard stuff.

    Hang in there.


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  • I know exactly how you feel; you get so involved to the point where they leave you in pieces. Only YOU can help yourself get back on the horse.

    Understand she no longer feels the same. It's tough and it's painful but that's reality. If she doesn't feel the same, she doesn't care and if she doesn't care she doesn't deserve any special treatment.

    • Will she try to play games with me or will she compeletly leave me alone because there are times when I was talking to her she would bring up the past and say that she missed that and that she loves me still

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