Is the grass always greener?

Ever dumped someone great for someone else who you thought was great (or after a while they turned out to be not so great) and wished you had not broken up with the first person?

How long did your second relationship last?

What happened? Did that person end up dumping you? Did you see that persons true colors?


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  • I was in a relationship for 5 years then broke it off for someone else. I stayed with the second person for 7 years and no the grass was not greener on the other side. I had the worse 7 years of my life and it just ended in 2007. The first person never really got over me and never understood how one day it was just fine and the next day, I moved out. I was wrong and finally admitted to him several years later but of course that did nothing for his self esteem. I have always felt that whatever you do in life will come back on you and I was right! It came 7 folds, one for every year that I stayed in the second relationship.

    Since then, I can say that I have learned a lot about life and relationships and have experienced a little of it all but ultimately, it made who I am now and I am now very well rounded and more sympathetic to others feelings (since I had someone drag me too) I still have a friendship with the first one but had to seek help from God to get the hatred out of my heart for the second one. Thanks for such an interesting topic! Good Luck!


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