My ex boyfriend had sex with me and then deleted me from Facebook and won't respond now?

My ex split up with me 6 months ago because he felt we were at different places in our lives and I was still too wild and immature. Since then he had been sleeping with me at least once a week, coming over for dinner and drinks and then sleeping with me. I agreed to this casual arrangement because I hoped we would get back together. I was utterly heartbroken when we split so I was fine with scraps of him rather than nothing at all.

The past few months though it's been lessening, he'd still be coming over once a week but not for dinnner and drinks, slowly he was coming later and later to the point it was literally sex and sleep and he'd be gone for work before 7 am. Less texts, sometimes ignoring my text completely which was unlike him. I decided this was hurting me too much so we spoke and decided it was time for us to move on.

I did 12 days no contact, I know that's nothing but it's the longest since I've known him we haven't spoken. I was doing really well, starting to feel better and stronger but I went out on Friday night and had some drinks with my friends and ended up texting him inviting him to come to my house. I actually did have to persuade him but he came, slept with me twice. Because I was drunk I guess I started bringing up our relationship and being argumentitive.

The next day he deleted me off facebook and said, 'last night was a mistake, it just reminded me exactly why we shouldn't be together. you're an immature child and I should have known from all the other 20 times that you'll never change. I won't put myself in that situation again.'

We messaged back and forth then he never responded. Saturday night I text him lits of bizarre texts, texts that didn't even make sense to me in the morning. Now I just feel ashamed. I was doing good, feeling great and I feel now I'm just back at square one, hurt and lonely and embarrassed. I hate ending things like this, on bad terms but I can't message him again.

How to I get rid of this guilt?


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  • Just move on with your life, these things happen. Don't think about it anymore. No need to feel guilty. But next time remember: casual arrangements are just that, nothing more. It's nothing wrong about them as long as you don't have hopes for something else ok?

    Take care.

    • Should I send him one last final message? I think I'll look like a nutter but I hate ending things badly.

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    • Okay, I won't message him. Thank you!

    • You're welcome and good luck.

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  • stop thinking about him please. You did nothing wrong sweetheart. I know that you let him used you for sex just to keep him around and you thought he would love you. It happens all the time with girls. Do not be sad, do not be shamed! Keep your head up. He does not deserve you. You did things out of love and kindness but he did things out of ugliness. DO NOT CONTACT HIM PLEASE, PLEASE!!!


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  • Well to point out common sense that should have been evident, He doesn't want you for anything else other than sex. You basically sold your soul for hopelessness.

    I wanted to rant on you but you are hurt enough. Just for God sake wake up! Allow no man to get the milk for free he needs to buy the cow first. No pun intended. lol

    Not cool girl , you are going to need to let him go. it has been over and you keep ripping off the scar so it never really heals.


    if you dated this guy for 6 months, he definetly knows you well enough to know how you behave, and act when you're sexually involved with eachother. His reaction is immature itself, quite unneccesary and you should not feel bad about it. Move on, thats my genuine advice.


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