What could LD ex possibly want?

Hey guys,

Long story short, he broke up with me in April (Long Distance). I turned down the friends card going complete NC in June coming to 5 months now and same did he until recently starting August, he makes attempts to try and get through to me of which are all failed attemps. I started getting NO CALLER ID calls right about the same time he usually calls. Strongly believe it's him, I never once picked.
Just last week he called me on Tuesday, didn't pick and for the first time he sent a text, if you asked me, there was a lot of arrogance attached to it, didn't respond. Was a really funny text ;

"Hey (my name). Hope your doing great. Just wanted to say hi.
We are (were) buddies. You always said you acted the mature one
in such situations but your avoiding my calls. Eventually you will get over it. I really want us to keep talking despite what happened. Cheers!"

Is he trying to lessen his guilt, maybe? What do you think? I am supposed to travel home for the festive holiday, perhaps he got wind of this...

Thank You,


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  • Maybe he's looking for closure


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