Why does his ex still want contact?

Ive been with my boyfriend for 3months nearly 4.

He made it clear from the start he and his ex had a lot of stuff they needed to sort out. - I expected this and we was seeing each other to start off with.

When we made it official she had a real big stress and didn't like it.

Now everyone time I'm with him she says him texts and says she needs to talk to him and will give him like 6 missed calls in a minute. He doesn't want to talk to her when he is with me and he has told her lots yet she don't get the hint.

I'm finding it hard as I don't see him he is away at his Uni.

I know they don't have contact now as they deleted each others numbers and took each other off social networks... she hasn't phoned him since this.

They have now stopped contact... she spoke to me a few weeks ago and we come to good terms... yet she says she still finds it hard... they was together for a few years so I know she is used to seeing him. But times has changed when he comes back from Uni the first person he wants to see is me his girlfriend.

Why is she wanting contact? Its only seems to be when he is with me she has tell him something yet she can never tell him what it is.

He is fed up as am I. But we just can't be happy with her around.
Why does his ex still want contact?
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