My friend lost several close people in her life in the past 2 years... please read?

She lost several people in 2 years and she become very cold person. She become so afraid of loosing close people to her that its insane. She came to me and opened up about everything and she is trying to become her happy self again but doesn't know how to.
Someone please give me serious advice what to do here.. what do I tell her and how do I convince her of a better tomorow?


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  • Listen to her! She needs to work it out her self , and she is by opening up and you have a privilege. It´s not up to you to solve her problems but to help her when she asks you to. She decided that talking with you will help her , so listen , talk , acknowledge her feelings and just let her know , you are there for her.

    • I did all these things but it didn't have much effect I think.. she said the right things but she is still down and I wish I could solve it all for her..

    • You can´t. She needs to do it her self , no other way around it am aftaid. It might take years for her to do it. And... it did have effect , everything always has effect , small , but it´s there. Just by talking about it she is showing healthy signs off dealing with it.

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  • Let her grieve for a while, it's hard dealing with abandonment as it is much less feeling forced to be happy. Eventually people will come into her life, people that will truly bless her in ways beyond her imagination. She needs to know that not being ok is still ok and she should feel absolutely no shame. It is a very painful process. She is lucky to have you as a friend.

  • If she feels depressed, convince her to go to her family doctor, or a hospital, and get anti-depressant medication prescribed to her. (This is if she goes to her doctor and is diagnosed with depression. If it's anything else, of course she will be given a medication that corresponds to the disorder) However, she could just be lonely and afraid. All you can really do as a friend is be there for her and let her vent. Hold her when she's crying, and just make sure it's clear that you'll always be there for her, no matter what. All anyone needs in a hard time is someone steady to lean on. With time, she'll heal.


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