Why isn't my ex giving me my stuff back?

We broke up because I found out she cheated and learned more details that she slept with the guy... She had a peice of furniture at my place and just some clothes of mine and I don't need the clothes...

we have been broken up for 2 weeks now she told me the first week she will come by this weekend to pick up her peice. And the weekend came and I didn't hear from her... So this past Thursday she emailed me saying she will come this weekend... Well it happened again no call no show...

why is she doing this?


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  • Maybe she doesn't really want it or she's trying to drag it out. If she cheated she's hoping enough time apart you'll miss her and when she does come for it you'll want to sort things. I would email her saying you're leaving it outside and she can come for it whenever she wants. If not the neighbours might take it it's her choice

    • If she doesn't want it she doesn't need to contact me anymore I can live with my stuff about 150 bucks worth. She left her concession stand popcorn machine at my place. She works with me and we haven't spoken... I also notice she opened a facebook account last week getting in touch with other guys... When we were together I wrote something on her page and she never liked or responded then her page disappeared and after we break up she creates a new one... Super shady!

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