I told my ex not to contact me anymore after giving her a piece of my mind. Will she eventually contact me again?

I've been very close with her for the last three years we've always been interested in each other. We became closer after her recent diagnosis of cancer and started seeing each other. But she ended things shortly thereafter 2 months. I decided to still support her as a friend see how she was dealing with health issues. Even went as far as helping her pay for medication because I love her. One day she decided to go through my phone and get upset that I was talking to other females even though we had stopped seen each other 4 months prior and she was the one that ended things. She began texting me again like everything was as is and avoiding the real issue. So I told her not to contact me.


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  • Depends on how crazy she is. She just might. Sounds like she doesn't want you but doesn't want you with anyone else either.

    • Well she has already said she will never be with me again. Which sucks because I love her and we have so much chemistry.

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    • Why don't you just tell her that...

    • She said we are not on the same page and her still talking to me as a friend is already a lot.

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  • She was the one who dumped you. You shouldn't concern more. Just a basic caring and then move on, don't pay for her medication dude she's not your wife!


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  • I hope she doesn't ever contact you.

    • Why do you say that?

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    • She did because she's acting up unjustly. She ended things with me and didn't want to put a label on things when we were seeing each other anyways. She had no right in my phone and no right to be upset. She couldn't even consider the fact that even if I was moving on I still stuck by her side.

    • Ok, I'm confused. Did you tell her to never contact you again or not?

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