Mixed messages?!

Well my ex called me last week, we were on the phone for an hour and a half. He broke up with me nearly 2 months ago. Anyway we had the loveliest conversation and he kept saying how great I'm doing etc and we were laughing and joking for most of the time, just like old times. All my guy mates say that means he still likes me because they wouldn't be on the phone to a girl for all that time if they just wanted a friendship or whatever. Anyway I text him this afternoon and just said, " was lovely chatting to you last week, glad to hear you're doing well with everything, would be nice to hear from you again sometime if you ever feel like catching up again over the phone or over coffee..."

He text back shortly after and was like "hi, was really good speaking to you, glad you're doing well with everything too." (He'd kept saying on the phone, wow you sound so happy and like you're doing so well with everything)

What is going on with the guy?!


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  • really to me it sounds like he might still have feelings for you and like you. When my ex and I broke up he called me every night at 1 without fail and would talk for hours and hours, mostly because he was lonely, but he had other people to call at that time. it sounds to me that he still has feelings for you. and replying with that stuff, maybe friends with benefits? I don't know, but whatever you do, do not sleep with him if you want him back, it screws everything up twice as much

  • There's only one answer: ASK HIM!


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