Started talking with ex again and his mixed signals are... bothering me? 😞 I need some help?

We... didn't end well. Things finished in April. As a result of him being cold and so angry towards me, we stopped talking. I blocked him from social media, deleted his number and I ignored him in public if I saw him.

Anyways, times went on now. I thought after so many months maybe we could talk again.

I ran into him recently after a night out, and he offered to walk me home. I let him because I didn't see the harm in it, although I did cry a little.

Since then, I asked for his number and we've texted a little bit back and forth. He often replies, but sometimes he'll read messages and not reply.

Anytime I mention our break up or anything involving it, he seems to ignore it. I just sent a whole message with regards to our break up... and he's just read it but not replied :/.

It just hurts because he meant a lot and I want to try and talk things through in the hope we can build a friendship again at least. But he's making that so hard for me :/.

He never asks me questions or anything. He'll talk. I've even asked if I'm annoying him/if I should delete his number but he never gives me a straight answer. He just tells me to do what I feel I need to do.

It's annoying me because I can't get a read on him. He assures me he's not playing games or anything. And everything's just confusing me :( please shed light? What should I do/am I doing wrong?


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  • Stop bringing it up. He may be still trying to moe pat it and then gets reminded of how he felt and the shuts down.

    • If he does move past it, then doesn't that mean he'd forget about me? And yeah. He's very good at shutting down.

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    • Thanks for mhb!

    • Welky :)

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  • Why are you trying to get back with him? WHo broke up with you?

    • Because I still love him for some reason. The break up happened during a really bad argument. Got to the stage where he had enough arguing and told me that if I didn't stop arguing with him, we were over. So there were my options: stop arguing and stay together or persist and split up. I chose to keep arguing, and in the blink of an eye, we were done. He did try to work it out with me but I was for none of it at the time. Now, I regret everything, we both really hurt each other in the end.

    • Obviously you don't love him. If you loved him you would have stopped arguing. And if he really loved you breaking up over an agrument wouldn't be an option

    • It's a little more complicated than that though. Unknowingly to myself I was suffering a hormonal imbalance at the time that was wreaking havoc on my moods (big time). And I was taking everything out on him. In the end it was all too much. But I made my choice to walk away from him, he gave me that choice quite clearly. I don't think he expected me to keep up the argument.

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  • u are a lame bitch

    • Yeah, and that? Doesn't answer my question. Fool.

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