I get too emotional before my period and get into huge fights with my boyfriend. This is the 3rd time and he broke up with me. What should I do?

We've been together for 6 months and it's been a rough ride because of work we both travel a lot (we work for the same company but different branches in different cities and met at a conference), but because we liked each other so much we wanted to make it work. Sometimes when we are apart I start to get really insecure and sad, and it leads to us getting into fights. It has happened 3 times in total and this last time (two days ago) got really out of control and we broke up. We haven't spoken and I feel horrible.

I start to get really depressed and I'll think he doesn't love me or want to be with me and I'll start crying and then I'll call him and seek reassurance. He'll usually respond with he's too busy at the moment, and then I'll try to calm down and the next day he'll talk about it with me.. but by then I'll feel better we'll have a nice calm convo and everything turns out ok.

Two months ago it almost happened again but then I realized this was happening exactly 2 days before I get my period. I decided to ignore my emotions and wrote them off as my hormones affecting me.

I told him that I think it's my emotions around my period and I'll try to control it.. and I was doing so well.. it almost happened a few more times but I was able to control it.

This time the exact same thing happened and I forgot to try to control it... we're apart again and I'm stressed about work - they want me to go to Vegas for 2 weeks when I was hoping to be with my boyfriend. When I called him we got into a fight again and when he told me he was busy and can't deal with it it turned into a big fight. He broke up with me and said he doesn't want to deal with this anymore.

I don't know what to do or why it's so hard to control my emotions. My period has never ever affected my emotions before this is the first time it's happening.

Has anyone else experienced this? What am I supposed to do now?


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  • I get over emotional, paranoid , depressed and irritable about a week before my period is due. I have pushed many people away due to not being able to control it. I have been to my Doctors and tried various treatments , but none have worked.

    I had a close guy friend who eventually cut contact with me, due to not being able to deal with the change in my personality once a month. He is a good person, and I guess nice people have their limits too. I miss him , and I try so hard to control my emotions to prevent destroying any potential friendships/ relationships.

    All I can suggest is to go to see you Doctor and do reasearch online , and try various treatments/ methods available. I'm sorry I haven't got good advice for you... but I can relate to how you feel. Xx 💜

    • Thanks... this is actually very new for me and has only begun to happen in the past year. My period has never affected my emotions. Now I'll start crying for no reason, but I'm noticing that I've also been a lot more stressed since I've gone through quite a bit in the past year so I'm hoping they're related and it will go away. I'm starting to meditate and get back into yoga. I hope it helps me. Have you tried that?

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    • I tend to take things too far as well. No matter how hard I try to control my emotions I just can't. A few days before my period I feel so low and so depressed. It's an awful feeling. I'm not a jealous person, but during my period I display jealousy too. I seem to go through many different emotions.

      Is there no way of getting out of going to Vegas, or do you have to go?

    • I haven't tried to get out of it, but as of yet he hasn't spoken to me so I'm not even sure if I should bother. If we're going to be broken up I would rather go and be distracted.

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  • I think its a bornal thing and believe it or not a few good orgasms wikl help

  • This is why it is better to date women. Women understand these things.


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  • This just happened to me and he tried to make me sound crazy but eventually admitted it hadn't been working before my freak out. So it wasn't my period it was me picking up on the stink trail.


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