If your ex girlfriend sent you a message like this, would you reply or not? HELP?

So, I sent this message to my ex after we had a slight misunderstanding. We were talking about being considerate/replying to texts. This is what I last sent him:

"Thanks for being considerate then, I just don't expect you to be. That was me trying not to make you out as an enigma... :S. Wasn't blowing anything up either, just took things wrongly. My replies are normal too and I'm not having attitude with you either by the way. I'm sure no one else is unclear about things when it comes to texting you and that's absolutely fine. But not everybody else has been through a horrible break up with you either. So obviously things will seem normal where other people are concerned. Sorry that I'm still figuring out what 'normal' is right now, it's not at all that I have a problem with the way you text, just to be clear."

He's read it, and not replied. Which I have to say has hurt and angered me because this is me TRYING. I want to think that perhaps it bothers him that I've brought up our break up in that text, but then again, I just think that perhaps he really doesn't care. And it's just hurting me :( I could scream at him.

Why not just reply and put my mind at ease a bit? What's so hard about that?


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  • You could have called and talked to him on the phone and you wouldn't need to be asking this question. This is the problem with conducting relationships by text.

    • I can't call, he's at work :/. Also, he just won't open up to me anymore. I'd be scared to call and have a tonne of awkward silences. I know that, I HATE texting. Please give me your honest verdict on this?

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    • Sometimes, you don't get that kind of closure. You just need to close the cover on an unresolved chapter in your life and move forward. . . for your benefit.

    • I guess you're right. But closure would just make things easier. I've a right mind to make him give me closure, then move on.

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  • If my ex sent me anything! Hell no that wouldn't happen! I would have blocked his sorry ass! hahaha Stop wasting your goddamn time on an ex!

    • See, I don't get that. The person was a HUGE part of your life. You can't just cut them out like that... unless of course they cheat or something.

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    • Haha I think your attitude is just brilliant! Thank you, you're so right :) I'll try my best to stick by your advice!

    • LOL thanks!

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