Should I hang with my ex?

Me and my ex had these friends we would go play bingo with.. Today one of the mutual friends told me they talked with my ex and plan to go to bingo. They asked my ex if she wanted just a girls night or would mind if I was there. My ex said it didn't matter.

So so my question would be should I go? Or have other "plans" I do miss her and I want to get her back down the road. But I don't think she really wants to. She will be moving 3 hours away in a few months. I don't know what to do.


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  • Most of the time nothing comes good with your ex


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  • Please dude don't commit suicide by hanging yourself along with your ex... :D

    • But on a serious note spending time with your ex is never a good idea, it just overcomplicates things and also hamper you from forming a new relationship

    • Moving on seems to be the best thing, but you can still hangout with your mutual friends, but don't make it a habit to hang out with her along with your and hers mutual friends

    • Right I mean we were always in a good relationship. And it wasn't a bad break up. I think she has been ignoring me just because she has feelings. I feel hanging out with mural friends may make both of us think if we could really be with each other. As of now I do like and and want her back. But at the same time she has been pushing me away. We had a great friendship so would like to give friends a shot.

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  • No u should not


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