What does is mean when your ex does this?

Me and my ex were together for 4 years. We wanted to get married have kids, everything. We ended up breaking up, and didn't really see each other or communicate at all.

Now we do when we run into each other, but when we are talking or I am looking at him he will not look at me. The second I look at something else such as reading a paper, I see him stare at me for a while then look away. Why is he doing this?

We are friendly but not friends.


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  • Why did you both break up?

    Plausible reasons why he looks when you are not- then looks away:

    - He is hurting over his previous mistakes (Failed relationship / Problem / etc)

    - He still cares about you more than just being "friendly"

    - He finds it disturbing that while he is talking you will look at the paper or otherwise


    Best regards,


    • We broke up because of constant arguing becasue he always lied and then he went behind my back with his coworker. He broke up with me.

      I don't look at the paper while we're talking. When we are talking he doesn't look at me at all. And when we are done talking I go back to my hw. Then I see him stare at me.

      the only thing is sometimes he's nice then he's mean.so I keep thinking he doesn't like me.

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    • Thats comforting. Thank you.

    • Your welcome, and it's actually the truth in most scenarios- try to talk with him and dig deep to find out. A couple questions to ask are: "Hey is something bothering you" he'll say "no" where you reply "Okay I was just wondering.." then share a little something about your own life- where he might say "OMG me too. It's been bugging me lately when..."

      - If that doesn't work- you can always try to assume how he reacts to certain situations and then guess his current mood.

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