To wait or not to wait?

My sister is in a long distance relationship with a guy she met on the internet. They haven't even met in person but my sister says she loves him - if that is the case he is her first love.

Most of the family and some of my sisters friends do not agree with the relationship mostly because they met on the internet and the guy is Arab. By the way, I'm not living at home so I don't know exactly what is going on - just what my sister has told me.

Anyway, they were supposed to meet in person this year. But the story is, towards the end of last year he fell ill and then ended up with a high medical bill. So he has been depressed - started smoking again and he hasn't been communicating with my sister for two months now.

My sister spoke with the guys sister and his sister said that he is depressed and all she should do is wait. So she has been waiting but its beginning to get to her.

To make things worse, most people i.e. family and friends are happy her relationship is not working out - its more like the whole I told you he was trouble scenario.

I don't really know how to advise my sister. She says she loves him. However, because of all this she is experiencing emotional pain - like that of heartbreak.

Then she also said she rather he tells her its over than her leaving him. She told him to choose whether or not he still wants the relationship. He has not responded.

Should she move on or should she continue waiting? And if she should wait, for how long (its been two months already and no word from him)?


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What Guys Said 1

  • move on. definitely, she's missing to many opportunities for this guy.

    • Hi

      i think she must move on and also you must advise your sister to never fall in love through internet because he is probably a liar and stranger even (she talk to him for many years). she will never know the true about him. you must interact with people in social live and she will find the right person. tell her to go out because ((real world is amazing and uncomparable with the one on internet.))

What Girls Said 1

  • she may say that she'd rather him just break up with her, but I doubt she means it. having a little hope for a relationship hurts less than having zero. I think you shouldn't try to advise her at all, just be there for her. she has enough people in her life trying to advise her, sounds like she just needs a friend that will listen to her without judging her or trying to run her life.


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