Why did she become quiet suddenly?

I used to chat and phone up a girl I met online.

Suddenly she is quiet with no emails and her phone is not reachable since a week.

Have I been dumped? We used to be ok till then.


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  • it's confusing, she might be sick or something, or maybe she's giving herself a break or i'm sorry to say this but she might be ditching you.

  • Yes, you are being ditched. Even if she was sick, if she really liked you she would get a message to you or have someone else message you for her. If she was going out of town to somewhere without internet, she would have warned you before hand if she liked you.

    Possible reasons she is ditching you:
    1. You wanted to talk to her too often and it scared her off because she felt like she had no privacy and couldn't get online without you wanting to talk to her.
    2. You said something that bothered her a bit, or made her realize you weren't her type. Rather than outright telling you, she took the easier, but more cowardly method.


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