Why doesn't he like relationships?

My ex and i broke up months ago and all of a sudden i received a text in the middle of the night. He said he missed me and if i had moved back in town. I replied no and said that we shouldn't talk again. I asked why did end it he said he didn't want a relationship b/c of life and he just doesn't like relationships. I didn't undersrand if you really like spmepne and want to see them why not be in a relationship with them why would you only want to be friends with them? In the end he asked me never to text him and that i ahouldnt have responded to his text that he wasn't able to sleep or stop thinking about things but he was the one that kept texting me and saying he just really missed me and wanted to see me and that he never wanted to talk to me again b/c i wasn't pver it and he wasn't either.

Why say im the only girl youve ever cared about and say you miss me but only want to be friends nothing else?


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  • He may have felt that there is not enough chemistry between each other for a romantic relationship, but he cared enough for you for a close platonic relationship. How old is that guy btw?

    • he's 23.
      he's very confusing and he's been texting me saying he hates that i have power over him.

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