Help!!! Was it a love bite and why didn't he say anything?

My ex and I have been hanging out a lot lately. Last time I was at his place he kinda bite me or more so nibbled on me while we were kissing. I Teased Him and said "what is that a love bite" and he didn't say anything but continued as he was.
Now I'm wondering if it was a love bite and if so why didn't he say anything when I asked him?


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  • A nibble is just a nibble.

    And your question to him didn't really merit a response. He was just being affectionate, why muck things up with words?

    • He never usually does this though

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  • because maybe he didn't want ruin the moment. You guys sound cute! You reaally should ask him if you want to get together.

    • Thank you and that's kinda iffy right now

    • well then why are you guys making out if you two are sure!

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  • You knew what it was, asking him sounds like it just made it awkward.

    • Was it a love bite?

      And I was kinda teasing him also

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    • Oh okay

    • That's what I assumed it was

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