I want to talk to my ex-girlfriend, but should I really try to get a hold of her again?

Well, I was with my Ex for almost 4 years. There was a lot of bumps along the road. At the end we were living together but weren't dating. One day I come home to find another guy in the bedroom. She told me what she did but I still don't know why. It has been almost a year since we have talked. She tried to get a hold of me a couple times within the first 6 months of our separation. I retaliated, never saying anything terrible, but I was still hurt. I am still hurt today, not a day has gone by that I she hasn't crossed my mind. Now I am literally half way around the world from here, an effort of mine to try and forget about her. I recently saw a photo of her on Facebook. She was still a friend of my best friend. It was weird because it was a picture I took of her and all of her previous profile photos were all of my favorite pictures of her. I Have been talking to a Captain about here in further attempt to get past her. Even still, I just want to talk to her and see how she is. Her happiness has always been everything to me and that is why I barred myself from her and her life. I don't know what it is like to be happy anymore. I just wondering I should just continue trying to forget her or if I should actually talk to her?

Well That is a good portion of my story and my plight. Even after all this time I am still tore up inside about her. Any advise?


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  • Did you ever get answers as to "Why" she did what she did? Truthful answers? You said she told you what she did, but you responded that you didn't know why. This is probably what is plaguing you. If you need the closure, then contact her and see if she'll speak openly with you. Honestly, I don't think anyone gets closure by talking with the other person because truth can be awesome, but it can hurt more too.

    • I tried to find out why it happened soon after she cheated on me. She couldn't even give me an answer. She just said she didn't even know why it happened. But I think I have decieded that I am not going to bother trying to find out. I live on the other side of the world now and have a new life. I am just going to try and build on that.

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  • Well, its obvious you need some kind of closure to move on.

    So try contacting her. Just to casually see how she is doing. Maybe if you two get to a point where you can speak openly on civil terms, you can ask the questions you seem to still need an answer to. Moving on may be impossible without closure/answers.


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