I can't forget him and move on, and we can't be together. What am I to do?

This isn't really a break up but it feels like one. And I've never felt like this about someone I barely knew. We met a few months ago but decided last month that we should stop talking to each other because we can't be together and we both have to forget each other. He's not ready for a relationship because he's still in love with his ex but she moved on with someone else.

I meet a lot of guys and almost every week I try to go on a date. I'll meet guys who are cute and fun.. but no matter what I can't get Jake out of my head. He's the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of when going to bed. Every night I just cry. I don't what's wrong with me. I've never been like this before. We never even had sex we only kissed once and it was the best kiss I've had my whole life.

How do I force him out of my mind? How do I forget him? I tried really hard I even dated a guy for like a month to try to forget Jake but it ddnt work and now I feel worse about myself cus I had sex with someone I didn't even like.

-Super Heartbroken 💔


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  • Trying to forget someone you love or care about is like trying to remember someone you have met. You just can't!

    Although you feel hurt now, the pain would be long- term if you entered into a relationship with him, because he is still hung up on his ex. I could never give a guy my heart while he is picking up the pieces of his own. It would cause you to feel emotionally unsafe , and trust issues would develop. You'd start to feel so unhappy and alone, and feeling alone in a relationship hurts more than feeling alone when you are single

    Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life. Every time he is with you , he'd have his ex on his mind, so why be someone's other when you can be someone else's only.

    There's no remedy for a broken heart. All you can do is keep active, surround yourself with family or friends. Try something new. Keep your mind focused on things other than him. Gradually your feelings will fade. Why waste your feelings on a guy who doesn't value them. Xx 💜


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  • I know It's a bad feeling that you want to move on, and your mind still not ready for it yet. but pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. everything is temporary, today you sad, tomorrow you'll be happy, today you hurt tomorrow you'll heal. the trick is to develop yourself by trying to find a positive points of leaving that person and realize that you're a valuable person too (self-esteem+mentally move on).

    Now you don't need a boyfriend (Love Relationship-sex-drinking... etc) at the moment, you need to your real friends, your family, yourself... positively.

    Life keep running, moon keeps rising and the sun keep shining and you still not smiling?
    give yourself time to discover who are you...

    Good luck,,,

  • well it is abreak up no matter what did or didn't happen. you are actually effectuated 9i know i spelled that wrong, lol) and i know I know i hate that word too. but you are and you are focusing all your of your mind on dreams and fantasies of what could have been. Real love wouldn't allow this cruel pain to exist. So knowing that this is not true love then guess what? it is still out there waiting for you.
    I believe your creator made sure that this guy didn't work out because he is not right for you. However there is another he is preparing you for that will have these feelings you cry about now seem foolish and wasteful.
    it's ok to cry and feel that means you are alive and need to vent emotions , perfectly normal. i would think that this is the time you need to slow down and evaluate your path. sure jake is a great guy but that doesn't mean someone else better isn't out there waiting to be with someone as miraculous as you are.
    so take this time to be alone and process your life work on you being who you are intended to be. there is no clock so do not force life and absolutely do not seek a lover. allow life to cross your path. so many of us are looking for something in another direction when the intended path was suppose to cross yours. so stop looking and live and know deep in your heart that someone will come in your life and fulfill more than you ever desired. take this time alone to make yourself be the best lover for the that special dude that is just around the corner.
    in God's time not yours.


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  • You have Been Hit real Hard with the Love Bug here, dear, and No other guy will do right now.
    I feel you are Moving too fast to try and forget the Past that used to be a Blast, and you are Not giving your own heart a chance without this romance to heal this bad deal.
    Take some time and lick your war wounds. Trying to find Love in all the wrong places and with all the wrong faces will Not do this difficult job. It takes time for this and with time, which eventually does heal all wounds, you may have gotten through these feelings but you will probably never Forget him or the feelings he gave to you.
    He may have been a First Love. I had Mine when I was 13-16 with a guy who was my own age. I broke it off because I felt it was time to let him go and be this butterfly to grow. And in time, as hard as it was those 7 long years, I found closure to move on when we were able to have One final kiss together but it was Never the same with his name now.
    Focus on you and go slow with your own flow. You are Not ready to go out and date or find a mate. However, sitting home can surely be bad medicine so try and socialize with some friends who understand how you feel and make it a better deal.
    Good luck. xx


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