What to do when your ex tries to contact you?

So I actually posted yesterday about getting over my ex.
So it is strange that today a friend told me he was texting her to tell me he wants to talk to me and catch up if I'm okay with that.
I would not say I am completely over him but I do not talk to him and blocked anyway he can contact me.
He has never done something like this before. He lives in another state so I don't have to see him. But would it be stupid to let him back into my life as a friend? I don't know if I could deal with the heartache again if he tries to push me out again. (We once agreed to be on good terms and out of nowhere he freaked out and disappeared).
If he is genuinely concerned, I feel like I should at least talk to him once (I had a very tragic accident a few months ago). But part me says not to even let that happen and jus to continue ignoring him.
I feel like this is the last chance for us to be on good terms or we really will never speak again. I WAS okay with that but now that this happened, I am left conflicted.
Do I go with my heart or head?


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  • Very sorry to hear about your tragic accident, hope you are dealing well.
    Far as this guy? do you see the craziness your mind plays with just a bit of info with your thoughts? well you could expect more of that uncertainty if you have contact with him. There is no such thing as closure and i know you didn't say that , however last chance for good terms may be far messier than your expectations.
    i have had a lot of experience with this and keeping an ex connected is no good for any party. there will always be a hopeful chance in the back of ones mind that will never be reciprocated.
    you both need to move on and getting over the other does not start to heal until you are completely convinced that you are committed to getting healthier spiritually.
    Always use your instincts. If you are even asking the question for advice you are unsure. i believe that is God telling you to move on. God doesn't play games with decisions it is either a complete drive to successfully grab what he puts in your path or not.
    so I feel you are better moving closer to God and further from anyone you thought once before to move away from. good luck


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  • If he lives in another state and you're already concerned about heartache, why would you bother reconnecting with him? You know the smart thing to do is to leave things as they are, you've moved on and you should keep moving forwards, he has no reason to be in your life.

    • His residence isn't permanent. He moves back next year.

    • Then wait until he is where you are then see how things are.

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  • Was you the one who dumped him? If that's the case, I think you should move on, because it seems like he's the dumpee that acts weak enough to not move on (texting your friend to tell you want to talk to you, what a pathetic move.)

    • He actually dumped me. Well he cheated on me. So we broke up.

    • it is still pathetic seeing the dumper do such kind of move. No problem if you feel at ease don't like him back?, just do nothing. Continue date other people

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