Why do I feel like it's not over?

I'm hurt that my ex left me again for the same girl. Well, he's technically not together. He said he doesn't see him getting back with her but, he "loves" her and he'll do whatever it is to make her happy. I'm hurt more because my ex was still stuck in the past with our relationship, I thought him coming back would be different because we would start fresh, but we didn't. I know that I was obsessed talking about us which is one of the reason that he doesn't want to be with me, but could you blame me? I was hurt that he left me to someone else, and my trust wasn't there anymore. I needed reassurance that he wasn't going to leave again. During our talk my ex would go back and forth with what he said. One minute it seemed like he wanted me the next he didn't want me. I tried to say my peace and apologizes and he said, "don't text me again." I said nothing wrong, but he always finds something to be mad about. It hurt with some of the things that he said, but at the same time I'm still confused. As soon as he brought he's ex back everything he felt for me was gone, he pulled away again. I don't know what's going on, he can't decide who he wants. He keeps going back and forth between me and her. One thing that I was confused about during our talk was when I told him that I wasn't going to wait around forever and he said, "ok move on and be happy" I then asked him, "do you want me to move on?" No response. He said some really hurtful things, he kept saying, "there's nothing here for you" "what am I doing" (in regards of him choosing her) and, I said to him, "we're never going to see each other are we?" And he replied, "no." I only want to feel as if he's saying these things to hurt me because his ex is back. This is exactly how he acted before he left me for her. I still feel that the door is cracked a little, because every week it's something different with him. I'm really hurt that I let him do this to me. Why do I feel like it's not over?


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  • False hope is holding you back


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