Why would a guy unblock an ex?

I dated this guy and things and drama involving other people made us stop talking and I begged him to block me from everywhere, He had hard time and took him a long time to totally block me since he did not want to lose me completely. after two months of break up, He is getting marrried soon to someone his family found so there is no way him and I will ever talk. But today I just randomnly added his number and realized he unblocked me from whatsapp and that hurts like hell to be honest. He moved on, getting married, dumped me and now striked me again with an "unblock". Even if he has no intention to talk to me this was not mandatory. We have no mutual friends anymore and I am not on any social media so there is nowhere he can trace me except whatsapp but my account is very private so he can't see anything. I don't know when did he unblock me I just checked recently, I had no hope for him unblocking me since we both knows once one of us get into relationship, its done and he knows very well If i know he is getting married I will never make a contact to create problems.

Maybe he thought that blocking me is childish but he did not unblock me from other places. I dont know what was his intention but his unblock caused so much emotional turmoil within me. I took everything silently and never cursed or said what was in my heart. I just let go of everything and it's like he opened that window so I can act crazy. But I know i will never contact him, its just that this unblock left me so sad.

There is no way he will contact me, he told me last time we talked that we will never talk to each other ever in this lifetime and after everytime I called he hung up on me or treated me like crap so I dont think he unblocked me because he feels bad for me.

why would a guy unblock an ex when he is getting married, told her he will never talk to her, have no option where he can ever see her. This unblock was so mean or I might be messed up.
thank you


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  • He might want her back


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