My girlfriend left me and now wants me to come back, in spite of being with another guy because she loves me.

my girlfriend left me and now wants me to come back in spite of being with other guy because she loves me. we were together for more than a year...and after leaving me now she says that...she wants me to come back..but is afraid of leaving the other he is very rich and would hurt me..

i was badly hurt when she ditched me,but still she lives in my heart,as love is blind.

should I go back to her?


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  • HELL NO don't go back. She keeps going back and forth between guys, she left you once, is about to leave her current boyfriend, she will probably leave you again. It's tempting because of the previous feelings, but she doesn't seem to be in a good emotional state. And if it's true that she loved you while dating another guy, what's to say that she won't start liking someone else while dating you? I'm sure she's sweet and you can remain friends, but she doesn't seem mature in handing her emotions and who she wants to be with. If she still wants you after a few weeks or so, then maybe you can try, but right now I'd say no.


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  • I think you shouldn't. When girls leave their boyfriends, it usually because they don' love them anymore. She left a guy because he was rich? What if she keeps on finding other rich boys?

    You will find many girls...don't hurt yourself for somebody who is selfish. I am jus telling what I think would be the best for you... but I don't know her...she might be a nice gal.

    hope this helped :)


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  • if you rly love her and she loves you there is no reason not to be together. and if this guy does try to beat you up, just stand up for yourself and even if you lose she will be proud that you tried FOR HER. if you truly love her its worth a good beating to be with her.


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