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My ex and I broke up roughly 3 months ago and he deleted me off all social media except snapchat. He recently started viewing all my snap stories. I'm bothering myself with why he views them? A part of me wonders if he misses me? I haven't spoken to him since the b/u and I won't unless he initiates contact. I also wonder if he doesn't know I can see he's viewed them. Anyone have any opinions?


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  • MAYBE there's an underlying connotation. But probably not. Even if there was, there's no way to tell what he's thinking. Most likely, though, he's just looking through his feed. Unless you know anything else?

    • I know absolutely nothing else just that he frequently views my snap stories. I just find it odd that he can delete me off all other social media but still view my stories. Its not all of them so I don't think he spends much time on the App but like 8/10 times he watches them.

    • It's pretty normal to keep tabs on your exes, from my experience. He's probably just curious as to whether you're doing well or not.

    • You are probably very right. I'm sure I am just over thinking it. If he wanted to communicate with me/be friends he knows of every way possible to contact me.

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