Does 'Going on a Break' really work?

I've been going on a relationship for almost 2 years now, and it's getting to a point that I'm just not sure if we're there anymore and whether or not we're in it out of comfort and fear that there's nothing better. I have times that I know I love her for sure, but then we just fight about something stupid for seemingly no reason.

is it time for a break?

do breaks ever work?


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  • I think "breaks" can be helpful...It also depends on the kind of "break" you take...There is the...let's just not see each other for a couple of weeks and give some space OR...the "see" other people "break". It's great you're aware that you could just be in a comfort zone and reluctant to try something new...It sure sounds like you two need to do something though..whether it change up you're activities, love life, take a class together, read a relationship book together, get a kama sutra book...Caring for someone and being comfortable is great but not as wonderful as being passionately in love and can't wait to see them... Of course that can't be everyday or all the time for any of us...but it sure should be "MOST" of the time...When the butterflies in the stomach go away it's time to change things up. You have two years invested in each other...perhaps you should first try and find creative solutions to you situation...if it doesn't improve then maybe a break may be a good thing...One way or the other. Best of luck. Cheers!


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  • That is one of the toughest questions out there when it comes to relationships, but first, I think you should pat on your shoulders for keeping at the relationship for 2 years. :) I know it is a lot of work.

    Fighting over small things is nothing to worry about too much. We all do this. Do you always end up making up?

    What type of break do you have in mind? A complete break where you two don't see each other at all?

    Breaks would work if you two are still in love with each other. It will give you time and space to think of each other in a different way. You can take the time to remember the very reasons why you fell in love with each other. Ponder about the good memories you've shared so far. After a while, you know for sure that you miss each other too much to be apart.

    Breaks, on the other hand, may not work very much in favor of you if one of you or both consider that as just a freedom to start looking other opportunities.

    Perhaps you two can sit down and have a talk at it and see how she's feeling about things.

    Good luck!


  • Breaks are leaving a dirty home to escape. You still come back to a pig stye. Procrastination! If you clean together the task is done much faster. Hence, you two will accomplish things much sooner and view things more clearly.


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