How long does it take to officially be "friends" with someone?

At what point can you call someone a friend? How long do you have to know the person?


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  • i make friends very easily, I usually make them the first time I meet them, making them is easy, it's maintaining them that is more difficult. in order to continue calling that person a friend, you must keep in contact and continue doing activities together, I've always been a lot less successful in this department.

    • When you first meet them, how do you know you're friends with the person? What about the first meeting gives you that feeling and the confidence to call them a "friend" so soon?

    • We connect and feel comfortable around each other immediately, we share things about ourselves with one another, and we joke around and share the same type of sense of humor. in order to make friends quickly, you have to be comfortable with who you are and show your personality right off the bat, don't try to be someone else. some people with like you, others won't, but all that really matter are the ones that do.

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  • It Definately Doesn't depend on how long you've known someone to determine whether or not you're friends.

    Once you've spent time with someone and have laughed with them I would consider them a friend but that'sjust me it totally is up to you.

    I think once things get past the awkward stage is when you can consider someone a friend and no longer an acquantance.

    • long does the "awkward" stage usually last for you? And how do you know you two are on the same page (e.g., that the other person ALSO feels you're now a friend and no longer an acquaintance)?

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    • ...about people and how they're doing, etc., and NONE of it works. And every time I ask what I'm doing wrong (and there are few opportunities to even ask, because nobody wants to be around me), I'm told "absolutely nothing", or "you're fine". It just doesn't make any sense to me.

      Anyway, thanks so much for helping btw.

    • I'm really sorry about that:( but I love helping out!

      sooo maybe you are just not hanging with the right people, I know how that is...Where you don't really click with a group of guys but there's no one else really to try to befriend. If that's the case then you must open your eyes wider and see the world through a new perspective Maybe Join some clubs in town, a gym, or whatever interests you.

      If this isn't the case maybe You come off a little clingy to the people you just meet, you sound

  • I don't think it's a 'how long'. I think it really all depends on the amount of time you spend together, the things you do, things you experience together, things you talk about, the trust that is between the two of you, and how honest you can be with each other. I'd say more could probably go into the equation, but in a nut shell that's what I think.

    Hope it made sense and helped in some way.

    • Thanks, it is helpful. But what if, like in my case, you don't have that kind of connection with anyone (I mean, nobody)? What does it mean then--that you just aren't "friend" material for most normal people?

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  • It's not the quantity- it's the quality.

    There's no value to "time" before becoming a friend.

    Best regards,


    • How do you assess quality, and at what point (degree of quality then, not time) do you feel comfortable calling them a "friend"? (Not necessarily a personal question for you--I just want to know how most normal people think)

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    • Thanks bud for the reminder. Haven't been reviewing my older questions that much--need to do that more, but will definitely award Best Answers and post updates where appropriate. : )

    • Anytime amigo :) I'm guilty of the same thing, hence the reminder lol.

      Is there any answer in here you would like more clarification on? I may be able to help.

      Thanks by the way for responding, talk with you soon.

  • it really depends on what you consider a friend yourself. Friends develop by who well you know the person which can come over an amount of time but also how you guys talk, how close you are, how often you hang out. You can consider a friend someone who you have known forever but rarely talk to, but your still cool. Good friends are the ones that click well with you and that can happen in a short amount of time or a long amount. Your answer is the specific amount of "time" can't really be placed its how well you know each other, his thoughts as well as you own.

    • The problem I have is, what if the other person isn't on the same page? I'm uncomfortable calling some awesomely cool people I know "friends" because we're not in touch (hardly ever) and I don't know how they think about me. I could be thinking we're cool, whereas I'm completely erased from their minds until I dare to make contact again. That's too painful for me to deal with.

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