Why doesn't he get back together with me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me almost two years ago. Every time I see him he makes it clear that he is obviously still interested in me, loves me, and has feelings for me, and we share a closeness together. We haven't seen each other a lot since the break up (maybe 5 times) but he always wants to see me again. BUT at the same time every time I see him he always makes it clear that he isn't interested in being in a relationship right now because of the place he is at in his life. I can sort of understand this too because we are young and if we got back together at this point it would be really serious. But,

Why doesn't he just ask to get back together with me?

I am not interested in being played, which is why I keep my distance. What would make a guy not want to commit so much?

Also, we are NOT sleeping together-no sex since breaking up, my choice.


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  • he might be with/interested in another girl. that's what happened to me.


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