It's been 3 months... I am still crying about it?

I dated this guy for four months. I put all I had into the relationship, I truly loved him. I cared for him and loved him like I had never done for anyone else. I thought it would last. He always made me cry, and lied to me but I believed her would change and I stayed. We started fighting a lot and one day he told me he had feelings for his ex and no longer liked me and then broke up with me over the phone. This was my first heartbreak and it's been over three months. A week after we broke up he was already talking to someone new. I don't know if any of you have been through something alike but I constantly feel like shit. I feel like no one will ever return what I'm willing to give. It hurts that I have someone all I could and that's what I got in exchange.


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  • "This was my first heartbreak"... you sound like you expect more in the future.
    Darling, you are too young to be worrying bout that. he left, there will be so many more. Think about it, you just got your first heartbreak, take it as as learning experience, learn from what he just did. It was just 4 months hon... some people have been broken up with after 7 years of dating and 16 years of actual marriage.
    you can either look at this as glass half full or half empty... and i encourage you to look at it as half-full. he moved on.. so should you. and it can be anyone.

  • Under 18 that's why. U will feel better later


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