He says he's moved on but I think his actions tell a different story what do you think?

So we split couple months ago we had a couple big arguments after and he said he didn't think we could move forward after all thats happened (i asked him to leave) we was ok for abit laughing and joking like we used to went for coffee with our son he stayed one night bought takeaway (his idea) then the next day he said he was seeing someone made out like was this big thing when it was just a booty call i gave him rest of his stuff couple days later then was 2/3 weeks of hell arguing all the time he was drinking loads we said some horrid things to each other as knew how to hurt each other. I had many breakdowns he had one couple weeks ago and spoke to his sister about everything. Since this talk weve done a full 360 and were back to laughing and joking how we was before if he's here to see our son and im doing things or talking on my phone he starts throwing toys at me paying me more attention than our son but why? I said i was going out at the weekend i got asked 3 times where i was going when i mentioned a diff club to where he works he started persuading me to go to his work place why is he so bothered where i go and who with? He even said to our son (whos not old enough to understand) any guy mummy is with u call dickhead when i asked why he said well he won't call him daddy... well of course he wouldn't but to me that made him sound jealous. Am i reading to much into stuff is he rethinking after his chat and seeing how things go or has he totally moved on? Please help


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  • I won't pretend i know what its like to have a kid to have a kid with someone... but from what you have said (... overly detailed if you ask me) I really think he's respecting, but it seems its for the sake of the kid...


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