From blocked to unblocked... but why now?

Me and my ex had a rollercoaster relationship, when we were good we were great, however he did a things in the relationhsip that ulimately broke it down in the end as i could keep going on the way we were. He has lied to me numerous times about trivial and extremely serious matters, he has given his phone number out on two occassions to 2 different girls, there's been messages I've found etc. So eventually after the conversations of 'im sorry and it won't happen again' sooner or later it always did and to walk away broke my heart all i ever wanted him to do was to stop lying to me.
When we broke up he text me every day for 2 months & would ring me occasionally, met up a few times, but he showed no signs of seeing things from my perspective and how much he hurt me. I then went abroad for a month so we did NC. I returned home, i recieved a text followed and phone call, he told me how much he misses me and finds the fact we're not together really hard & he will always love me - i told him i felt the same way & i think about him all the time, but he has to understand i had to walk away because our relationship became ugly & it hurts me everyday to know that i walked away bcus all i wanted to do was stay but i couldnt tolerate the things that were going on. He then text &called me for the next 4 days, we spoke & lauged a lot, which is something we always did. I felt a sense of sorrow bcus deep down i knew he was never going to ask to fix things together. On the 4th day i eventually asked him why he is contacting me & he said for no reason he just knew he could speak to me, so i asked to no longer contact me, he told me to have a nice life - i called him back, he screamed at me & told me to never speak to him again& blocked me on his phone.
Its been 3 months and I've been blocked ever since... until 4 days ago, He blocked me on facebook so i tried to call him and to my surprise it rang through... 3 days later he then unblocked off facebook. Is he trying to get my attention?


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  • i guess the immaturity phase wore off lol... its either that or he's gearing up.
    (if you don't understand that, im sorry that i speak in codes, but it keeps things simple, pm me for a breakdown)


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