What will you do if your girlfriend stop doing effort?

I met this girl like one of applications site then after couple of day we decided to meet up its was a great meet up, after that I visit her at school after 3 days I asked her to be my girlfriend I know its rush thing, the second I saw her It was like love at first sight I dont believe to that but stuff HAPPEN then still she said yes time to time we been knowing each other its was going really good, and we both fell inlove, we see each other every day then after months my work schedule got mix up so I didn't get a chance to go see her, then weeks after she starting to work too so then after that to seeing everyday to once or none a week, cause our schedule was tough and both tired we still talk to the phone, video call and text for a while, then it just stop for one mistake I've done, call in one day then ask her to go at my apt then I wanted her to just spend the night since we dnt see each other she refuse too, so we got into a huge fight (no violence stuff) then after that she broke up with me, I was trying hard to get other chance then one day I camt take it anymore try to leave my work for my 30 minutes lunch just to go at her school try to talk it out at person? We did talk and she told me lets try it, we did but later that night I found out that her EX's hugged and kissed her, cause she works where her ex work now. I mean trusted her and she told me about it, so I dont mind at all.. but since she started working there something changed I notice it still ignoring it but I cnt, she keep telling me she was trying but no effort its always me have to call in just to spend time together no more call like nefore no more texting esp we dont see each other like we used to be, every tjing changed but still refuse it turning it around me. Im the one who changed, told me I was boring and always mad, I wasn't mad im tired from work and still give me no care at all,


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  • A relationship is over when there is nothing left worth fighting for , or only one person in the relationship is putting all of the effort in to make it work. If someone ignores me then I look on that as unspoken words. I would never humiliate or make a fool of myself by forcing contact with someone , who clearly doesn't want to have me in their life.

    If I feel someone doesn't want me to be part of their life then I distance myself. If they care, they'll notice. If they don't then I know where I stand. If they don't appreciate my presence, then I let them appreciate my absence. If someone wanted me to be part of their life then they'd make an obvious effort to put me in it. I would never fight for a "place". It seems like it's time for you to move on and look for a girl who appreciates you.


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  • well if you're not dating her and she kisses and hugs an ex, why should that matter?


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