My ex sent me a selfie with this caption?

The caption was " i love my babe and she's the one "

That was via anapchat and he sent it privatly not as a story

We broke up month ago does he already has a gf? Or just trying to make me feel jealous? And why would he?

he's blocked me on whatsapp and responded only once to a text i sent through facebook chat 2 days ago " 1st text after the break up " .. thats when he started sending me snaps privatly

Wut does it mean it drives me crazy cuz i want him back


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  • Your ex sounds immature, and confused about what he wants, and in doing so, he's hurting you, and preventing you from healing over your relationship. Myself personally, I would go out and start meeting new people, focus your energy elsewhere, and feel good, rather than dwelling over this.

    If you want to get back together, tell him. Worst case scenario is he says no, or nothing, and you have your answer. Take control of the situation! You'll feel much better once you be an answer.


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  • You are lucky to have gotten rid that immature twat.


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  • Why do you want him back? He sounds like such a tool.

  • He's an asshole. Find some one to distract you. Message me if you want


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