Guy hooked up with me dated me then said we should take a break what happened?

I met this guy at a party who asked if I would hook up with him I said no so he stayed with me the whole entire party and held my hand then got my number then we talked for a month over text he would tell me I'm beautiful and he really likes me and said that I'm different than other girls then when we finally saw each other for the second time (because we don't go to the same school and it's hard to meet up,) he saw me and hugged me and sat with me most of the party we hooked up twice after that I went home then he asked me out the next day and we went out for a little more than a week then he texted me asking if we could take a break (the day we were suppose to go on a date) because we barely saw each other and I said yeah and he asked should we be friends with benefits or just talk to other people so I said just talk to other people. I'm really confused on if it's more than what it seems or if it is what it is help?


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  • He wants to hook up with you. Once it got hard and things weren't moving along, he bailed.


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