Revenge on a cheater?

Me and a co worker dated for a year... She ended up cheating on me twice wtf! So I broke it off with her and were at no contact we don't speak at work...

There is this co worker that my recent ex was jealous of she have me her number and wants to go out for drinks...

What do you think?


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  • The best revenge is moving on and letting her see you happy without her. Revenge shows to someone just how much they have hurt you. It makes you appear weak and vulnerable. So why take revenge ... that would be giving her the satisfaction of watching you suffer.

    Betrayal is painful, so by taking revenge you are just prolonging the pain and preventing yourself
    from moving on from her.

    • So I shouldn't hang with the other co worker that she was jealous of?

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    • Oh wow! You are well rid of her then. So I guess if you act vengeful towards her she will probably do something twice as bad.

    • We work at the same company I just ignore her when I see her act like were strangers...

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  • It's never wise to date a co-worker. Having said that and her pattern of
    cheating, I'd speak to her only when necessary. Go out for drinks? NOOOOOOO !!!

    • Lol yea I don't think I'll mess with anymore co workers... It's awkward now we don't speak she looks down when she sees me like she is ashamed.

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  • I say go for it!! But don't do it just for revenge.

    • More of just for fun if she is down. I gave my all and best to my ex and she blew it really bad to the point that we don't speak anymore...

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    • It's crazy we were friends turned best friends turned lovers... She wanted to get married on the beach... I'm here sitting alone I'm so use to being with her we were attached at the hip... I been crying every night for the last 3 weeks while she is probably out with another guy :/

    • I'm just in so much pain and no body to vent too

  • I would go ahead and waste no time reminiscing the past. You're single now so enjoy a few drinks with this girl.


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