A girl I dated is acting strange, Advice?

I dated a girl for like a month. We were really good friends (ateast I thought so) we would text or talk to eachother everyday over the course of 4months, but I knew she liked me. So I decided to ask her out, and we dated for like a MONTH, and during this time I began studying for a huge test called the MCAT. I was afraid that my feelings for her would comprimise my study time so I became distant, and would rarely respond to her texts, and began treating her poorly and acted like an asshole. Soon after she stopped responding to my texts. Today her and I were in the elevator and I knew what floor she had to go to, but she instead got off on a different floor. When I texted her about passing the MCAT and acquiring a good score she simply didn't reply. I texted a lot of people not just her, some of whom were my exes who I had a much worse relationship with and they all replied it may have taken up to 2 days to respond but they did and congradulated me with the exception of her. So my question is what should I do so she's not awkward around me, I texted her and apologized for my actions, and she accepted it, but she continues to act this way. So my question is what should I do? Should I just not care? Should I attempt to reach out and apologize in person (but I feel like if I did this she may think I was weird, insane, or harassing her), or something else? Why is she acting like this as well? Should I feel bad, because I do! The purpose of medicine is to do no harm, and yet I feel like I harmed a person that was close to me for selfish gains! I don't know what to do. The way she avoids me makes me feel like she is afraid of me! I stil care for her, I was just scared I would love her so much I wouldn't want to study. Help me!


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  • I think you should try to apologise in person. Some girls will act this way to see your reaction or how much you actually care/are sorry. Show her that you really are sorry because to be honest you were rude towards her. If after that she still behaves like that I recommend just forgetting about it all and ignoring her.

    • do you think she just lost interest in me based on how i treated her and just chooses to avoid me based on that?

    • update. I asked her if we could get coffee and talk. She texted me "I don't want any kind of relationship with you." So i guess we have our answer!

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  • It's a good thing you apologized. If she's still acting this way she is probably still upset and hasn't fully accepted your apology. You should try to make it up by talking to her more hanging out with her more, complimenting her. Make her feel like she is truly wanted by you because you have treated her with such neglect. After a while she will come around and feel better again. You should also make a move to apologize in person, she would appreciate that a lot more than a text.


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