Did my ex really mean what he said or did he just say it out of anger?

I know the that me and my ex had made a turn for the worst, I stayed calm during our whole talk he however would get upset over little things that I said. Although I never meant to offend him (which obviously in his mind I did) he said some hurtful things.

I asked my ex, "we're never getting back together are we?" He replied, "no" does he really mean that? Our talk turned into a blame everything on me and he seemed to get angry at some things that I said. He later to me not to text him again (which I haven't since we last talked). Will he come back around once he's calmed down or is he gone for good?


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  • It's hard to tell. What did you fight about?

    • We were basically just having a talk about why he thinks that its not going to work I was also telling him how I felt. He told me before the conversation that I wasn't going to like what he would have to say, but i was just wanting to talk. He has someone else so I feel that's why he was acting the way that he was.

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    • How did you mess up? He's the one who keeps leaving you for another girl. It's not your fault he's still looking while you're in a relationship together. I think you should leave him alone. I'm sure he'll move on with that girl again and come crawling back once things go downhill again.

    • They were together for a month. I really don't know what he sees in her. He's fallen in love with someone he hasn't even gotten to know. He's seeing what she wants him to see, but once they truly get out of the honeymoon faze he'll actually see her true colors and be very disappointed. It's not going to work

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