My ex hates me now?

My friends with benefits and I had been dating for 5 months. I ended things on Halloween bc he complained about me not missing or see him a lot. He didn't want me to visit him often. Then he told me to stop texting him bc he was working. We work at the same place and I was also working too. But how he said it was very rude so I told him im going to stop fucking him since he doesn't want me coming over more, im bothering him at work, and he doesn't want me catching feelings. I said I've wasted my time bc you date me several times a week, we act very much like a couple, then you tell me to stop misding you and seeing you more, when we see each other once or twice a week. I told him I wasn't going to be his friend anymore but we can be cordial at work. Well we started ignoring each other and he avoids me at work to the extreme. This went on for 2 weeks. I was trying to do no contact. I contacted him yesterday and said we can be cordial at work bc he started avoiding me like the plague. And I explained why I broke up with him, he said he already knew why and what was the point of texting him. He said he made a huge mistake with me bc he doesn't like drama and he just doesn't trust me. He said he explained he didn't want anything in the beginning and says it's drama bc now I have feelings. Slight feelings, I care about him, but not deeply in love. He says im not the guy you're looking for, there will be no relationship. He said, youbtold me you wasted your time with me. Im not fucking you anymore and dont contact me again and thats all I need to read. So I just told him to delete my number then since you're being a jerk and I said maybe I shouldn't have told you you wasted my time but I was right and we haven't spoken since. I wasn't expecting all this anger bc he said he didn't want a relationship with me. We never had trust issues bc we had a lot of fun and didn't delve deep ibto feelings. It was just dinner, dates, spending bthe night, and sex. He is divorced and divorced his ex wife 4 years ago but I think he feels every woman will act like and betray him like she did. I wanted us to be back on good terms but i fucked up..


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  • Back off and forget it


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