Will being around my ex make her miss me?

Me and this girl dated for 2 years. It has been a couple months since she left me. (Ended on good terms) and the other day she sent me a text. Wanting to know if I wanted to hang out with her and a mutual friend. My question is. Will being around her make her feel for me again? Will she realize she is missing me? I am pretty sure she is still in love with me and not 100% over me.


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  • I'd think her not being around you would make her miss you , being around you might make her remember or realise why she decided it was time to see other people. I think often people miss ex's when they are not around but once they return things go back to normal often and feelings of missing them go away


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  • If she isn't seeing anyone else, there are chances of her missing you and maybe getting back together again. But if she is fancying someone else, even a little bit, your chances are zero.


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