Guys, How do guys get over and move on from heartbreak?

I am just really curious how guys cope with break ups.


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  • What do you do to get over it? Because I don't think we differ that much

    • I mostly hide my emotions and become a "ice cold bitch" for a while. But it's just a appearance so not get hurt.

    • ai :/

      Well we're not so different from eachother. I'm sure there are guys that do the same thing.
      I try to be positive and focus on hobbies, going out with friends and such.
      And I also take my time to think of the reasons why we broke up,

      what you're looking for in person, your preferences, they can change over time

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  • Why do you ask?

    • It just seems guys can walk away and ignore the person that broke their heart. Is there some kind of secret or something because it would be nice to know how do they just move on?

      Why do some women can't walk away
      It seems like we are the weak gender in my opinion.

    • Actually, such guys you mention don't have real full-on heartbreak. A guy in real heartbreak will ache for a very long time only to be healed by two factors: 1) he realizes the bad done to him by the woman who dumped him so he gets a degree of anger, then 2) he gets into a new _not-a-rebound_ relationship.

      In reality, men do experience heartbreak worse than women.

  • Go after other women, at least that's what I do

  • Took me 10 months to get over her


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