Why does this hurt so bad?

I'm still in denial, my heart hurts so much. How can someone say such hurtful things to you and move on to someone else without a care in the world? It hasn't hit me until today and it's really getting to me. I don't want to believe that it's over, but at the same time I'm relieved that it's over. How could he let me go again to be with her again? How can he say that our relationship was just memories? Why wouldn't he give me a real chance? I understand that our relationship was long distance, but he could of made an effort.

Why is I when his rebound comes around he treats me like garbage? I loved him (even though he doesn't believe me) I tried everything that I could in our relationship (from my point of view). He feels that everything is my fault like I'm the worst person in the world (I guess talking to other guys before we were together was such a crime).

He believes that he did nothing wrong. I put blame on myself just so he could feel good about himself. I guess my apology and blaming myself for what happened wasn't enough he still went back to her. I don't want to believe that we're never going to get back together, I still feel that there is a little hope. I haven't contacted him ever since our talk.

I hope she hurts him like he hurt me, I hope that he sees her for who she truly is. The grass isn't as green as he thinks. How can you give someone your heart you hardly even know? If he doesn't want to be with her why did he bring her back? I'm so confused. As long as she's in the picture I'm just some girl he's been talking to on the phone.

I hate that they can be physically together and we can't. It hurts me to know that I will never hold him, kiss him, or even have a real in person relationship with him. He doesn't really know who I truly am because we've never met in person.

I just wish I had one last chance. 😢💔


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  • Let me make your hurt go away 😉

    • I don't know you

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    • I was kidding jeez but hope you can move past 😀

    • Hmm ok lol

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