I hurt my boyfriend. How do I get him back now?

I've been with my boyfriend for about four months now. The other day we had a fight and I said some things that really hurt him and his mother. I didn't mean to hurt anyone and I care about him and his family with my whole heart. Well, he dumped me two days ago. I could tell he was sincerely hurt to his core about the things that I told him. I didn't mean to hurt him. I was sick with the flu, I was upset because we couldn't go on the trip to Alabama that we planned for two weeks, and I was PMS-ing and I took it out on him. I truly regret everything.

I have never had anyone care about me as much as he does. He told me and a few of his friends that he loved me more than he's loved anyone in his life. We had our whole future planned out. We were going to build a house and raise a family. He was going to get me a ring for Valentine's Day. He was crazy about me. The morning that he broke up with me he kept telling me that he still loved me and he kept saying he was sorry, but he couldn't be hurt anymore. He's been hurt by all of his girlfriends and I believe that he was scared that I was going to hurt him, too.

So how do I convince him that I didn't mean to hurt him at all? I've apologized to both him and his mom, but right now he won't listen. I've been giving him his space, but I feel like I need to do more. I really think that in a couple days he will come around and forgive me, but I need some advice on how to get him back. Everyone I've talked to says that he loved me too much to let this be the end of our relationship. And he told me the day that he broke up with me that even though it's over now, it won't be over forever and he hugged me goodbye.

I love him so much, and I hurt him so badly. What do you guys think? Is there any chance that he's coming back? He is the man that I want to marry and have a family with. Please help.


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  • There are some things you can't take back. It sounds like you've learned this now.

    I doubt he's coming back. He probably shouldn't, if you ask me.

    Use this as a lesson. One that obviously hurts, but one you won't forget. Next time you are upset, sick and PMSing, do not take it out on the one person who loves you and cares about you. That is NOT ok. Instead of getting in a fight, take a deep breath and leave. Go beat the hell out of a pillow. Write some really mean things and then tear it up the next day.

    When growing up, it is important to learn when to keep your mouth shut. This is a prime example. There are some things that once you've said, they will NEVER go away. Saying them to his mother is exponentially worse and classless.

    If he wants you back, he'll take you back someday. Until then, leave him alone. You really hurt him and that was crappy of you. So now you gotta deal with it. Sorry for your situation :/


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