How can I force myself to move on?


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  • That's too generic a question. But I'll give you my generic answer...

    Feelings aren't facts. Accept what ever your feelings are, and then let them go.

    It's okay to FEEL like you want something or someone, while also letting them go. Like an alcoholic FEELS deep LOVE for booze, while hopefully still choosing to walk away from it. Or an abused wife might still love her abuser while also seeking escape.

    If you were talking about some past trauma it's all the same thing. Give yourself permission to temporarily sulk, cry, or fantasize about what ever it is you're trying to put behind you. Give yourself the time to mull it over.

    But don't give yourself for ever. Just a one time sulk session. Maybe a shitty Saturday night home alone with ice creme and tears.

    But then let it go.

    We can't let go of things we don't accept so give yourself permission to accept what ever's happened. Only then will you feel able to let it go.

    It takes time and maturity to have self awareness enough to notice when we're thinking about things that we shouldn't be. So start paying attention. And every time you catch yourself thinking about that THING then stop yourself.

    Change your state.. maybe stand up and do some jumping jacks.

    Then purposely choose something healthier to think about... like that hot guy from gym class, or that new book at chapters you've been dying to read.

    Sometimes all we need is carefully crafted distraction. Choose something better to focus on and let it distract you.

    Hope this helps?


    ~ Robby


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly you can't force yourself to move on. You have to want to move on. And that's where it starts. One you make up your mind that you're actually done with that person that's when you'll know what to do


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