I did a love marriage three years back, but its going towards divorce, and I want to save it at any cost, if anyone can help me to save I owe it?

i did love marriage three years back, it was not so easy love marriage, i struggled a lot to make it happen, in my view my wife is a child mind, her age is 21 mine is 28, i accept that i did some serious mistakes before, but we both are not cheaters, we didn't have extra marital affair, but im very possesive, and love her like anything, and she says im controlling her life, and she says she dont want kid rite now , but i want to be a dad, we fight many times on dat, so she started doing things witout my permissions, starts to lie me, starts going to her mom house without my permission, she ran away from home to her mother house and and her female frnd many times and lives many days der, but i called her back, now the problem is she is doing job from last one year, before the one year everything was okay, we faught but she never run away. after her job things getting worse, my parents comes to meet me many times and she says she dont want to live with my parents, i slapped her once in my lifetime coz she denies to make food for me says she is tired, she run away before , she works in a 5 star hotel on reception, when she not came back i went to police to report a missing complain, but she denies to meet me and said to police that she dnt wanna live with me, but i managed to call her back after somedays, now she ran away again, itz bout 20 days, i called her many times i did everything but she says she will not come back , but i managed to meet her outside yeasterday , but i noticed dat her hotel male frnds are calling and msgng her on mobile asking her too meet to help her in finding new house, i told her dat i dont like dis, and i leave, she made many mistakes she went out with frnds for party and leave me sleeping and she knows i will go to office and i need food, but she went for party, if i ask her bout any boy whoz calling or asking bout the business cards in her purse she said u r doubtin me but the fact is im not doubting her im jus checking if any fraud person approaching her, and she is the most beautiful in her hotel


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  • That's tough. Your case sounds awfully a lot like one of my friend and he ended up getting the divorce. I suppose that's the risk of marrying a girl in their early 20s. In any case, what I can suggest is maybe have a heart-to-heart talk with her to sort things out. Go to a marriage counselor if you have to. Marriage is about compromising and you can't be too controlling of your spouse. If you can't trust her then there would be no love. Getting abusive is a big NO! Apologize earnestly to her and make promises to compromise with her but most importantly go through with it. 21 is almost like the prime of everyone's youth, you need to accept the fact that your wife still wants to experience the freedom of youth while still trying to be a good wife. I don't think it's easy (refer to my friend's case again) but it's doable if only you can communicate better. Good luck.


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