Need help cus I don't wanna lose her forever. What can I tell her to help me?

Me and my girlfriend broke up 4 weeks ago. I begged for 2 weeks straight. She told me she can no longer be with me cus she no longer loves me and she Wld be living a lie by staying with me. I was with her 3 years. It had its problems but we loved each other all the same. I'm 37 she's 43. Recently she really withdrew from me so I knew Summat was coming! I'll add her mom died 5 months ago and it hit her hard. She went to a clairvoyant and basically told her bout her mom and me. That she will end it with me and find a new partner etc. I tried to support her but was rejected often. I love her so much. I went no contact for 2 weeks but text her tonight asking how she was and to contact me sometime if she wanted. I'm making myself I'll looking for magic solutions when all I wanna do is hold her again. It's taking over my life. I'm crying constantly. I miss her so badly.


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  • it is really hard for you, but i dont hink you should contact her anymore, you have told her you will be there for her anytime she wants, so the only thing you can do now is moving on with your life, if she wants you, she will be back, but you should also prepare for the bad, it is very difficult to move on for you right now, but trust me, it will get better after a while. healing takes time. focus on your work, friends , your hobbies. things will get better.

    • She was my everything. I worship this woman. I cannot begin to imagine my life without her. I miss her so much. I feel so ill cus of the pain I'm in. I don't think she realises how much pain I am in

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  • Oh I am sorry... You said that your relationship had some problems... Maybe that's the reason why she lost interest... But whatever it is you have to see if she will come back to you... By going completely no contact for a long time...

    I can tell you that she may not come back cause the age difference between you two is too much...
    And you need to move on!!!
    You can cry all you want!!! LET IT ALL OUT! don't keep it inside!!!
    It will hurt you less after don't weeks and more less after a month...
    You will meet someone new...

    I think she broke up with you cause her mother's death made her realise that she needs to get a partner around her age... Or maybe she was losing interest in you all the time.. And finally broke up...

    I know it hurts you too much... But you have to move on...

    If she loves you or misses you she will come back to you!

    • It's hurting so badly. I just wanna hold her again and tell her I love her. It's hard how after 3 years she's just cut me off completely. Like we didn't exist. I really really miss her

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    • We met via a mutual friend who ended being the poison of our relationship out of pure jealousy, age isn't a problem it's since her mom passed she said you get one chance in life and she don't love me so it's over. I've begged and begged then went nc for 2 weeks but broke contact cus I drive by her house late last night and her car wasn't there and I panicked. My mind is in overdrive that she's with another guy already? I just want her back so much

    • Further about it... Just move on

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  • Accept it is over. Or pay a person who does magic a whole heap of money to help. It is very expensive. Black magic backfires on you later and does you a great deal of harm, it also harms the person doing it, so nobody is going to do it for you even if they lie and say they will.

  • It's never easy to move on from someone you loved but at some point you'll have to realize it's over and that you have two options which is to remain a sad, depressed person or to pick yourself up, grow in happiness and find yourself again. You were a person before her right? You were someone who was happy and had a life going for him prior to ever meeting her. Try to find that person again.


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