It's been 1 week since my Boyfriend broke up with me. How can I cope with this?

Me and boyfriend been dating about 4months. (Yea I know not that long to like someone). We had a lot in common as well, and seem like I knew him forever. Recently he broke up with because he thought I was cheating on him when I told him I was running errands. I know he has insecurities but didn't think it was serious enough to break up with me because of assumptions. Or they way he was feeling. I left my phone in the car trying to get to the place and back home in time for our day together, he text me and said we are done, you are out there with another man. You not answering the phone I never want to hear from you. I got my mind made up am staying single. I been texting/calling him but, am guessing its time to fall back. He just wants to be friends. I don't know why would he want to throw everything we was building away because of insecurities. Help me?

I had rentcly let my friend move in with me (He is Gay). Am not sure if this is the reason, my boyfriend broke up with me. He says it doesn't matter if he is gay its the fact that another penis is in the house. My roommate never gave us space he is dirty and my boyfriend didn't like that. Could this be it?


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  • How do you cope? Get up in the morning and go to bed at night. You have no choice but to cope and you're already doing it. Now, if you're really asking, "how do I feel better about it?" That's achieved through honesty.

    However, you're not likely to achieve honesty at this moment given your emotional desires have just been crushed, but most things become known in hindsight.

    It wasn't a good relationship and it was never meant to work... when you align your thought process with that statement, things will start looking up.

    • Thank you, that really help a lot. He didn't even want to hear what I had to say, that could be hurtful. He wants to be friends am not sure if good right now.

    • A friend is someone who will listen when you have a problem- he's incapable of being your friend.

      What he wants is to boost his self-worth by feeding your hope and maintaining your desire. "Lets just be friends" is a selfish line.

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  • Know your worth never settle for someone who is going to wrongly accuse you of things just because of their own insecurities. Know that if he's willing to break up over something like that, he'd do that for something else too, it's a rude assumption and there's no proof. You avoided unnecessary drama, and be very thankful for that. Don't be friends, that rarely works, just focus on you and working to make yourself an even better person, go out have fun.

    • I been getting myself together lately. Am just upset about the fact that he didn't want to hear my story or the way I felt about the situation. They say let him calm down and maybe he come back around. I have been ignoring him, he text me last night but the message wasn't for me. I think he is trying to get my attention. I want him to suffer!!!

    • Thank you as well!!

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  • He might just be crazy or was trying to leave you and needed a excuse. I think option 2. You don't want him. I'm bored message me. I won't hit on you by the way, I doubt you want that

    • I gave him no reason to think I was cheating on him. I am 22 years old and don't have time to play games. He wants to be friends but I don't know about that

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    • He didn't say, I have been ignoring him because i choose not to build his ego up by texting or calling him all the time. Is that fair?

    • Personally I don't find ignoring someone a good strategy. Don't seek him out, but responding to texts is just common courtesy. Maybe you guys shouldn't be friends

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  • The best way to cope up with any break up is to delete their number, delete them from social media and take away any reminders to them. It's probably the most difficult step out of the lot but once you cross that hurdle it will make healing a lot faster for you. You cannot dwell on the past and the "what if's". It's pointless to try to understand a ex's motives and reasons for doing things as you'll never get a real answer out of them. The closure you need is to realize he was the one who ended it and didn't want to be with you anymore for whatever reasons (even if it seems illogical to you). It's not a reflection of you or anything you did. Neither is it really a reflection of him as we cannot force people to want to be with us if they don't want to. However it is a reflection that the two of you are not compatible with one another and you that the universe has someone more suitable for you. You'll be OK and try to not think of things you don't have real answers for and do yourself a favor and delete that number xx


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