Will I ever stop obsessing over him? Please ready story! What can I do to get over him?

I have had this crush on this guy for 5 years now. I met him in freshman uni, and we hit it off real quick. Then something happened and we didn't see each other anymore, until 2 years later. 2 years ago was the last time we ever saw each other, and I never heard from him again until he started following me on instagram last year. He never wrote me a message though.

There hasn't been a day since that I stopped thinking about him. We weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend! I keep caring about what he thinks of me, about if he seen a certain picture I posted, and hoping that he will contact me again.

I just want that "caring" to go away because I feel like the best years of my life are wasted just by thinking of him. Will there ever be a point where I will just let it go and stop thinking about him? stop caring about what he thinks of me? stop wondering when he will contact me?

I am so sick of this. I really want this obsession to stop. Please tell me what to do to be able to let him go. It is driving me nuts


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  • Maybe you are just like me. You need to fall in love again with someone else to stop caring and thinking of him. That's the way I am. I can't get over a guy till I meet someone else and get that butterfly feeling again.


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  • you should just tell him how you feel... if he rejects you, you'll come back to reality... if he doesn't, then you can start dating your dream guy!


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