Reason for dumping me was bogus.

I'm in college and it was Christmas break and I would call my girlfriend about every 2 or 3 days and we would talk about how much we missed each other. She had to stay there for work. the only place she could stay was with a guy that she worked with cause we were kicked out of the dorms over the break. everything was good till about the last week of the break and she wasn't answering my calls anymore. I get back from the break and she tells me that she doesn't think that we should see each other anymore cause I'm not a member of the church and she decided that the church is really important to her. I was really bummed about this and was hurt but I figured she really did want to get involved with the church which was a good thing. about a week later I'm hanging out with her roommates and she comes back to the dorm completely wasted. Turns out she has been going out and getting drunk a lot and I'm pretty sure she has already found a different guy and a different group of friends. she has completely changed over the break. her roommates say that she has been really weird since we all got back from the break. I tried asking her what was going on and that I wanted to talk to her and she told me to go to hell and to never speak to her again. I actually loved this girl and for some reason I still care about her. I just want to know what the hell is going on?


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  • Thts fukkked man, thts so sad I fern for ya dude, I d never do tht to my boi, shebis a skanky whorry hoe and you deserve Betta!haha where she live I'll basha!:Pim joking naa I can't punch for shiiiiit(;.got three words for ya:


    Not trying to be mean or whatever just trying to make you get over that slutty bitch(: haha hope this helps(:


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  • Maybe something took place she feels guilty about, nothing to lose sleep over. F*ck her and move on because a friend or lover is sopose to treat you like how they wanted to be treated.


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