Do I let go of my ex whom I love or tell him how I feel?

My ex and I dated for almost 7 months until he broke up with me 3 months ago (via text messaging). He said that he felt like it was more of a friendship than a relationship, but he said it could be because he was moving in a month, which he never told me about. It was long distance because I was at school, but I was home 3 days beforehand. The time that I was home, we went to see a movie, but he wouldn't touch me or look at me...but he still had no problem making out with me the last time I saw him. I had told him 2 weeks prior how I loved him, but he told me he would be lying if he said he loved me, but he really really really cared about me. He even sent me a giant text the next day saying how he hoped he didn't hurt me, how he thought about me all the time and maybe it was love, but he wasn't sure and the word scared him a little. Nonetheless, I was dumped via text messaging, 3 hours from home, while in a 3 hr class. It was horrible and I was more than heartbroken and still am. I found out even his mom yelled at him for breaking up with me because she liked me and was upset by it.

He ended up not moving at all, for what reasons I don't know. When I come home from school, I work at the same place as him while on break. He at one point relayed a message to me through a mutual friend on how he was sorry for an inconsequential matter, which I found odd and texted him a little bit over it.

We ended up not having to work at all together, but we finally had to see each other at a shift change. He finally spoke to me for the first time in months, asking how I was doing and being all friendly and such. I was taken by surprise, just said how I was fine, asked how he was and walked away. He ended up complaining to a coworker how I was giving him the cold shoulder. He kept trying to talk to me and carry on conversations with me at work, but I wouldn't look at him or say much of anything. He saw my sister on New Year's Eve and complained to her about how I hated him so much and he tried talking to me but I wouldn't talk to him and he didn't know what to do so he was upset by it.

I ended up texting him a couple of times, telling him how I didn't hate him and apologized for being rude at work. He said it was OK and he understood but thought that I hated him from what he heard and such. After texting back and forth a little bit he went on to tell me how he wished me luck this next semester with school and sports and was giving me advice on sports(I didn't ask for it and avoided talking about it. his sports were always his number 1 concern and then all of a sudden he cared about mine, which was weird). I told him that if I felt I couldn't be his friend, I would let him know. This was 3 weeks ago.

Now, I know he was a jerk, but I still love him. And honestly, I'm worried about him, his behavior has changed according to our friends. I want to be there for him, but know it may end up hurting me in the end. I miss him terribly but do I tell him that?


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  • NO, dont

    sweetie there's a thing called karma and that's his bad karma for what he did to u

    so, f his behavior changed and he's hurt, well jst rrmbr he hurt you once

    and don't justify his behaviors to make you grow hope and him

    f he loved you he would come for you and tell you so

    dont come clean to him and lay all ur feelings out there

    jst lick ur wounds and silence, cry and ur closet, go out with other guys for the sake of fun

    f you can't forget fake t, jst don't lie to yourself

    and f you see him again at work or somewhere else be friendly nothing more nothing less only f wanted to share his feeling

    dont worry about hurting people feelings if people ddnt worry about urz

    • I know he deserves the pain he is going through. He never saw or heard how upset I was those first few days. We didn't speak for 2 months. Then he sees me at work and acts like nothing happened, like we should be good friends. I don't understand why he got so upset with me not being friendly to him. And him trying to give me advice in sports when he hardly did in the past. It's just hard, I don't know what he wants from me and it's painful seeing him so depressed. I still care about him.

    • I know you do care about him and am not telling you to stop caring... they say "Boys always cause tears" and its damn true

      the thing you should do z to let go... maybe you should ask'em what's up... or ask if there's sth wrong...

      jst don't cause your mind the trouble of thinking too much on sth that you might don't have hope in...

      and if it's painful for you to see him so depressed... but darlin' that's wt god wants what goes around comes back around...u did ur time you had ur share of the pain

      now its his

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  • Grain of salt here cause of my personal experiences, People don't fundamentally change, so if you think he's someone other then who he was before (a jerk so you say) then he probably still is, misses you and regrets breaking up, and probably wants to catch his nut.

    I honestly don't understand half of your story, I don't really know what type of relationship you guys had or any of the positives/negatives.

    That being said, people make mistakes.. people mess up, people deserve second chance, the real question is, does he mean enough to you, to be willing to get hurt for?

    Goodluck, I'm a bit tipsy so take this advice lightly.

    • Sorry, I know there is a lot of random information on here, but I tried to focus more on what happened after the relationship ended. it wasn't perfect, mostly one-sided on my part, but it wasn't a bad relationship either. I just don't understand his behavior right now, why he would be upset with the fact that I wasn't talking to him after he treated me or why he seems so depressed right now. I miss him, but I can't tell if he regrets what he did or what his motives's so confusing...

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